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True Monopoly

Capture 5.PNG
  • Similar rules Monopoly but more complex

  • Each player starts with 300 points and will throw the axes at the squares with different point values

  • Once a player sticks an axe into a square, it will turn the players chosen color and the player will get the number of points shown in the square. Then if an opponent hits that same square, the opponent will lose that amount of points the square was for.

  • If a player hits a square that is their own color, they will lose that square but no loss of points

  • If a player misses, they will lose half of their points

  • A player is then knocked out once they go below 0.

  • The game ends by either only 1 player remaining with more than 0 points or by hitting the FORCE END button on the screen which will limit the number of rounds by adding 3 full rounds onto the current round number.

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