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Axe League

Axe League

Our League will last for eight weeks. League nights consist of 4 matches with different opponents. The first 7 weeks are league with a points-based system and the 8th week will be a playoff double elimination tournament to determine the winner of our league.


Axe Throwing League will play the 2023 WATL regulations, found here

League Member Perks:

  • 1 FREE hour of Axe Throwing each week to come in and practice your throw.

  • 10% OFF ALL DRINKS and SNACKS anytime during the 8-week league season 

We currently are looking for interest from the community on starting a league so please us know if you would be interested so we can move forward with the league! 

Register Your Interest In The Axe League

Let us know if you would be interested in join an axe league at Hagers X Games!

Thanks for submitting!

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